Industrial Recruitment Company (IRC) was founded in 2017, to provide solutions for next level recruitment. At this moment, we have trained, certified and placed over 350 scaffolders and insulation fitters at big industrial plants in the Netherlands. We mostly work with Polish and Lithuanian employees, but we are also aiming at people from other Eastern Europe countries.

Our customers

Our customers are dedicated agencies, who have a fair treatment policy for the workers. Nothing fancy, but what you see is what you get. The workers are placed under transparent conditions, so before they come to the Netherlands, they know exactly what to expect.


Our quality in recruitment and training is very well known in Poland. Mouth to mouth advertisement takes care of a steady stream of motivated people coming our way. But we are also quite strict. If we don’t see any possibilities for especially new recruited people in the branch, we will tell you as soon as possible. Sometimes, it is possible to switch profession, so we can still lead our trainees to a successful job in the Netherlands.


When you successfully finish the 5 or 10 day training program in Scaffolding or Insulation (depending on the amount of experience), you are ready to do exam and get your certificate helper, basic - or advanced scaffolder or basic or advanced insulation fitter according to Dutch rules and regulations.

Recruitment process

1. Apply for job.
2. First contact via email or phone call.
3. Language skills verbal check up.
4. Start your 5 or 10 day training and exams in Scaffolding or Insulation in Opole.
5. If you don’t have a VCA certificate, we will provide you with a training and exam program.
6. Normally, within 3 to 5 week, you start working on one of the big industrial plants in the Netherlands with customers like Brand, Hertel, Bilfinger or Gjaltema.